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Asian Dating (Asian Euro)

At a glance – Visit.
Asian Dating Asian Dating
Criteria Status
Type: Foreign Brides & Husbands
Orientation: Straight Men & Women
Members: 800,000+
Average Online Now: 900-1500
Women Members Origin: Philippines, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia (in order of frequency and primarily)
Monthly Cost: From $8 to $30
Languages: English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese
ADR Rank: Four Stars, formerly known as Asian, (visit), despite its name is a worldwide site, and is one of the flagship personals sites of the Cupid Media network, and as such is a class act in terms of layout, functionality, and ease of use.

Points of Interest

  • often very, very beautiful, young women
  • good, active screening of profiles to weed out fakes
  • useful advice warning you against scam attempts
  • text, voice, and video communication
  • automatic translating of messages if desired
  • variety of ways to contact/show interest in someone, from subtle to direct

Membership Levels

Free Member

  • basic searching, “show interest”, add 5 photos, read messages from paying members, set up basic profile

Gold Member

  • + advanced searching, send/read messages, chat, set up personality profile

Platinum Member

  • + can watch video profiles, send/read video mail, use automated translator

There are plenty of women on the site who do have videos and webcams, mostly Philippinos, and being able to watch those videos is a huge plus (there is a dedicated “Video Gallery” section).

This is your dashboard/home page view once a member:

Asian Euro

Useful and well laid out, the “Most Popular” page is a good place to start, which features some of the most beautiful women on the site (they’re not all like this of course), and you’ll likely be kept very busy on Asian Dating (visit) if you are active on the site, and upload at least one photo.

Asian Euro

Asian Dating Review
2009-07-28 03:09:35
The internet dating website ranked, rated and explored, meeting women from Asia on Asian

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29 comments to Asian Dating (Asian Euro)

  • Daniel Redd

    I have found that this site is legit, as far as I can tell. you must be careful of some of the people.

    I have had people ask for money with the first email message. Some would claim instant love. Others would pose as beautiful and proper ladies, only then to start sending nearly naked pictures and then to start asking for money.

    The people on the site will remove the profiles that violate their policies if you can furnish the info to support the claim.

    I give them a big thumbs up.

    My only concern is the ability for someone to sign up for nothing or near nothing as many will do this and then instantly want you to go to their YM. This is when you start seeing the shady people working.

    Use the site and be careful and you can find the person of your dreams. Just remember, if she seems to good to be true she might be. Do not dismiss her on the spot but be careful and you may find a much better person than you deserve.

  • Alice

    I find this dating site is full of liars, cheaters and dishonest men. Most of them will ask you to cybersex on cam and this guy would never show himself except some pictures. He would say he’s going to get a cam or borrow one. What is so heartbreaking is that he would make excuses that he’s busy. Any lame girl would believe that old excuses.

  • Daniel Redd

    Alice I wish that I had met you on the site. Do not know if we would have been a match but would have been nice to meet an honest person for a change. YM-jdredd1.

  • Alice


    Thank you for the response. I hope you’re not working for asian euro, else I’d be in trouble for posting negative comment about the site. Good honest men are hard to find and I hope you’re one of the rare ones who knows how to treat a lady.

  • Daniel Redd

    Alice, I do not work for AE. Do not worry. The site can be used to find someone who is “right” but one must be careful. A good lady is as hard to find as a good man, I guess. My YM is jdredd1 — Give a call on yahoo if you wish.

  • James bonded

    I think the owners of the site try hard.But the site is really infested with scammers. I would say at least 30% of the girls there are just to scam in some way. Apart from that the filipina women are 90% interested in marriage after 1 or 2 chats. Many of them are incredible boring people, kids marry me, accept me for who I am.
    However it seems the non filipinas, non scammers, the rest are very genuine. Thai, japanese {very few}, indonesians and othe asian girls are there to find someone.
    I have been told by many girls they reckon 80% of the guys on the site just want cyber sex.

  • Alice

    I agree with you James.. I don’t know where you got the statistics but I think most of the guys just want cyber sex. I am sure most of the filipinas, indonesians, vietnamese, thai, japanese..they’re looking for marriage and some have fake identities. I am so over with AsianEuro..

  • Rich K

    I agree with all the above reviews, by Daniel, Alice, and James you’re all spot on. The site is real, the company behind the site is real and works to resolve issues.

    I have used AE off and on over the past year. Majority of ladies are filipinas. There is a high percentage of profiles which are posted by someone only there to scam in some way. As a man searching for a legit relationship the cyber sex issue was never an issue. But i’ve had women on there comment about other guys only looking for it.

    If you truly prefer asian women and have the ability to travel to meet these women, have paitence, you can find a very good match.

    Be prepared for alot of liars, women proclaiming love quickly, and scammers.

    Alice, like you i’m over AE. It has been a real learning experience.

  • stguimnoo

    It maybe okay if your’e looking for asian woman, but if youre asian guy looking for white woman, theres none that are eligible, the only ones on there are fake, only want friends, or picless or haven’t been logged in for years. I wouldn’t pay up for such a variety of women to choose from.

  • jhel

    I really distruct reading the comment about Filipina being cheaters or fake one,im not denying that there are instances that Filipino women involve in this but all i want to say that most of i know that every Filipina married to foreign men love them heartily and care for them thru lifetime,coz we Filipina adore our beloved man heartily,,,
    i know its difficult to find right guy but i know time comes that the real one will come

  • Theo

    I would not recommend typing your personal information in the Asian Euro website. I was there once and closed my account. But in fact my account was only hidden. That means that my info was still i their database. I didnt like they idea and asked them to totally remove my info. They said nobody can find you now if they type in your info. That might be so, but still I dont like the idea that they keep my personal info in their database.

    So you know that once you type your info in the Asian Euro site, you can never delete it again.


  • Iyah

    Good day everyone. I agree to what you all guys said. I have been a member of AE since I think 2005 and it’s where I found my first love, I was lucky to have found a good one. THere were a lot of complications so we decided to part ways, which I’m also happy about. It’s true that in AE, there are a lot of scammers. Some men wanting for cybersex and some girls wanting for money. And guess what, on te website, you may find a very sexy anf beautiful lady’s pic posted in their, however, in reality, thay isn’t the real picture of the owner of the profile. And the worst is, te owner of the lady in the picture, is actually a “Gay/lesbian”aiming to win your heart and would demand money once they win your heart. Other’s would post a photo of a celebrity on their profile. How did I know this? well, I used to go to internet cafes when I didn’t have my pc yet, my first love were a victim of some scammers, and I have a few foreign friends who were scammed and shared to me their stories.

  • aura trazo ablin

    I am just a new member of AsianEuro let’s say a year. I find this website much better compared to others. I have strong sympathy for those who have been a victim of scams and lies- both sides. I wouldn’t disaggree that lots and lots of Filipinas are doing that so as in other Asian countries but to be fair with there are also lots and lots of good one. Filipinas are very devoted and would take her husband in full respect. It’s up to you to discover who really is the person you are communicating with for the and not the company. I believe that if you have time to spend each other more often the better.

  • Bill Dunlap

    Hello Everyone! I know some will be scared away by some of the negatives on this site. Like anywhere you go, there will be scammers and liars. I’ve been to the Philippines three times in the past year and have a sweet, lovable woman who is one hundred per cent real and dedicated to me. She knows I’m not rich and she’s always telling me to save money, never asks me for it.I’m 62, she’s 32. I was afraid I was too old for her and she said she wanted an older guy who would respect her, which I do. She tells me she loves me time and time again. I know she could be with tons of guys, when I’m with her I see men staring at her. She’s very attractive but humble and doesn’t like the attention. My suggestion to you , if you’re lonely or just need a change, the Filipina girls are your best bet. In fact, I find the people of that country the friendliest of all countries I’ve visited. If you re just looking for sex, then you get what you deserve. All these good girls want from us is our heart. Take your time, try to find a girl from the country. Most of the scammers are from the big city. Bohol is a good island, the people are very simple and real. Of course, there’s other islands where I’m sure you’ll find someone. Again, take your time, pay attention to what they say. If they want money they’ll start coming up with their storyline pretty quickly. For every one of the girls looking for money, they’res one looking for a good guy who will love them. I wish you great joy and happiness.

  • mhieme

    Its true guys i am also a member of AE but sad to say i failed to find a good man.most of them just looking for a sybersex w/c is really disgusting.They dont know how to respect ladies.Its so bad that they treated women as there sex toys on,to all the women out there be carefull of choosing a men.They usually pretend to be nice at first but later on you will be surprised they are starting to bid you how much is your price of making them happy on cam.I hope those men will realized what they are doing is very rude and rediculous.

  • Dan

    Mhieme, I have found that most of the women who did contact me actually offered cam sex in return for help….Some would even send western union contact info on the first off-site meeting on Yahoo messanger….Most never even read my profile…many would then change countries…It is not just the men or just the women…I just wish that I could have found a lady with my ideals and desires…My question is what good is cam sex????? Talk, fall in love and marry….she would then be yours for life….I am sure that there are good ones in the world…just hard to find…May God bless your search.

  • Dianne

    everyone is universal, either you are from asia or europe, male or female, young or old. I’m a filipina and it is a fact that many women in my country really want to marry foreigners to get rich but there are also filipinas who really are looking for sincere foreigners who will love them completely. Of course men would want the so-called sex because it is a human need. But, my reason why i prefer a foreigner to love is because i have never felt to be loved by a filipino who is sincere and responsible for his actions. I have always thought that European men are more practical and straightforward, and i like those traits. I have been to Europe once and met different kinds of people so i have got the idea from experience. I know that not all European men are kind or good people but i just hope that i would find a man who will accept and love me for who i am despite the fact that i am a filipina.

  • terry

    well, i met 2 women from asianeuro and i married one of them! weve been married for 6 great years, thanks to asian euro!! in looking for a wife many thais asked for a dowry of sorts and chinese asked for huge sums to pay to get out of china, i payed none of it and actually found a wealthy wife who really was just looking for love!!!

  • Master

    Why are there so many filipinas on that site? Dont be a fool and trust their sweet words. They are in reality looking for money. So its a kind of prostitution. They are looking for a better economic situation and they want to sent money to their parents and relatives so they do not have to work (Thats what you can expect with a filipina). 90percent of all filipinas here in europe are divorsed within5 to 10years, and then they claim halfe of the mans savings also what he had before marriage and the filipina came with nothing. If you have bought a house or lot in Philippines in her name then you have lost that too. Several of my friends who was married to a filipina were so helpfull that they took them to the ships with filipino crew arriving to our city. Filipinas obviously missed something small and the result came 9 mounts a black curly haired baby. Take care they are not only scammers but superscammers (by planning their secret agenda of having a divorse already when they are getting married).

  • Aura Trazo Ablin

    An answer directly to Master. I really don’t know how to say to you for giving a very bad rate to all Filipinas. Please note that we grow up in different culture. We never leave our parents after we reach 18 years old? we don’t put our parents in the home for the aged because we think that serving them is our way of returning the life that they gave to u.ave.Yes, I agree with you that there are some but don’t put it in general. The most common error of selecting partner is the visible age gap. As far as have known. How could you expect an old man aged 60 to 70 years old choose a young woman aged 20 to 30 years old??? An advice, if you want really to have a good and lifetime marriage consider the age and know the person so well.Don’t get so excited when a young, sexy and beautiful woman will give promises to an old horse though there are some that lives forever. And be reminded, divorce is not honor in the Philippines. Filipinas will live to their husband for better or for worst but don’t treat them badly because they will turn into a nightmare.A lot of Filipinas here because literacy rate in the Philippines is very high. We can communicate.

  • janilie tiam

    some of you are true.but all i can say is that all of us want to be good but sometimes through in our too much ambitouse some they didnt know if what theyll do to thier fellowmen.But sometimes in love you most gamble specially if you love that person.Just let god guide you for you can chose the right person.And no cheater,lier if you will not tolerated them.Dont loose hope life is so full of surprises not in money but in the true meaning of life.

  • isurf

    I was a member two years ago: most of the men were just as described here – didn’t even read my profile – but I also met many genuine men, but alas, most of them in the wrong country.

    What got me though was tat the guys expected me to pick up the bill, i.e. pay for the membership although many had far more money than me. When I told I cannot afford the fee any more, to exchange messages, they ignored it carried on writing anyway, expecting me to cough up again…

    While I never met the light of my life, I did make some good online friends (in different country) so I guess it wasn’t a total waste. I’m going to try again but this time there is no way I’m going to pay for the membership, no matter how attractive the guy seems: if he is serious, this time HE’ll pay.

  • Maria Blaze

    I’m a member of Asian Euro and other dating sites for 5 yrs now on and off. I’m a Filipina living in Australia for 30 yrs now and I’m a widow really looking for love and would be a lifetime partner but still no luck at all. In my case I was scammed for thousands of dollars because I fell in-love. Scammers post diff. pictures and pretends they live in the U.S. or in other rich country but in fact they live in a small country in Africa (that was in my case anyway) I was heartbroken because I’m not bad looking girl and I got a good job and I’m not really looking for a rich man all I was looking is a good, honest Christian man.
    Well, here I am still looking for that right guy. Are you the one?

  • followurheart

    I have experience the same just like others. I been a member for a few years now but im not religiously waiting and hoping to get the real one bcos of my work and my other interest outside world. Whenever I open my mail i got lots from mostly scammers they are just so stupid to believe that I could fall their trap. I ignore and blocked them right away. The dont even view my profile and simply sent interest in me put me as their favorite and send me a fully dramatic letter saying they are WIDOWS, have children and they mostly work in an oil company in Africa or in Europe and so many bullshits goin on. Ladies if you ever encounter this kind of men DO NOT EVER REPLY – BLOCKED THEM !!!

  • Broadminded

    I wish people who are giving comments here are a fair in judging Filipinas…i agree to what you all say about “some of us Filipinas” but i disagree that you talk about “ALL” because there is nothing like that…not everyone is the same…you are showing that you are narrow minded by hating the whole race just because of one person’s mistake…if you were a victim of a bad luck it could be because you deserve it and you need to pay your price…you never know when karma work its way on you…let me tell you this i was twice a victim of European men (in two different cases) each was after money, i actually sent some and didnt hear from any of them afterwards but it didnt change my impression towards European because i know that they are just two bad out of a million of good men…

  • Walai & Dominik

    Thank you asian euro for i found love….In 28.08.2009 i have found one good man….and we maride 1.07.2011….
    We so lucky and happy
    Now my English not good because i should lerning German langage and forget english >_<

    Thank you for my forever love
    I can't believe if i not found.

  • michelle

    I was a member of AE for 2monhts and beginning of everyday emails i have before until it got my attention for one email,which is really clear and able to understand what is the content of the letter.I responded the letter as soon as i could although i have doubts about it.But i need to try this to know and give a chance. May2005 after second email from Minnesota USA from that day after he ask my number and give me a call hours evryday!ill make my story short,it takes 7 yrs and a half as i can say that we are able to be together because of circumstances that is invetable , and i fully understand.Be true to yourself and looked your heart what you are missing about life and find it and pray for guidance …it works! He was able to answer my pryer that i would find my man through space and time whatever the distance between us our love will wait!..after 7yrs and a half at last I am here with him now and my 11yr old son as he love most.last dec.6 2012 we came accross to Minnesota USA from Philippines. there are lots of speculations about form us people ask why it took so loong for us to be together….? I just told them it doesnt matter to me and just smiled to them.there is no rush after all…If two people are predestined for each other,they will find each other despite the distance and time. there love waits forever! It works only you have to Believe have pryer! I thank you so much AE for this site I found my wonderful husband! thank you so much. dont be afraid to try..just be yourself be truehe will find you just in time!

  • James

    I met the woman of my dreams here, been married for almost 2 years !!!!Sure, I had a lot of people asking for $$$, so I did the right thing- hit the DELETE button. I would never trade my wife for all of the gold in the Universe !!! Every single day I thank God for this caring loving woman I married, I could not live without her for long.

  • Joice

    My experience of Asian dating 4yrs ago is not so pleasant. I met an African guy who study in Kuala Lumpur. We chat via ym, he said that he will come to Indonesia to visit me, but when the time comes, he said that he has no money, because the money is used for business purposes. And ask me to visit him in KL. I said no, because he had already said he will come to visit me.
    At that time, I don’t aware about scammer. I thought all people in online dating is good people, who have good purposes.Now, I realize I need to be more careful. Hope to find my future husband through this site 🙂

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