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Indian Cupid

At a glance – Indian Cupid. Visit.
Indian Cupid Indian Cupid Girl
Criteria Status
Type: Foreign Brides & Husbands
Orientation: Straight Men & Women
Members: 170,000+
Average Online Now: 20
Monthly Cost: From $8 to $30
Languages: English
ADR Rank: Three Stars


Indian Cupid (visit) is focused on the intra-Indian market, whether Indians abroad, like in the UK, USA, Singapore & Malaysia primarily, or at home, and is not intended for foreigners, ie non-Indians, seeking an Indian bride. Those looking for an Indian bride or husband who are not themselves of Indian ethnicity should try AsianEuro, InterRacial Cupid, or International Cupid.

Indian Cupid Girls

Until 2009 the site was called “Matrimonial Link”, dormant and located at, but was bought by the Australian company Cupid Media and the old domain redirected to a new one, As of writing (August 2009) the site is still quite new in terms of its membership base, which is rather small.


The registration process for IndianCupid is unusual for a Cupid Media site, with questions particularly focused on sub-continental social and religious mores and issues, such as

  • income level
  • residency status in your country
  • caste
  • parents’ occupations
  • number of brothers/sisters already married
  • nakshatram (nakshatra, like star sign)
  • manglik (if birth date is inauspicious for successful marriage)
  • blood group

The “caste” question only applies if you select Hindu, Muslim, or Christian as your religion, and thereafter you are presented with a very, very long list of possible ‘caste’ options, although in the case of Muslim and Christian it refers to sect or denomination rather than social strata.

And the kicker, “Profile creator”, that is, who got you to join IndianCupid and wrote your profile, your mother, cousin, sibling, etc, or yourself.

Interestingly also, the “Family Status” question gives only three possibilities, Middle, Upper, or Rich, apparently less well off people aren’t welcome, or aren’t expected to join the site.

Indian Cupid Girls

After logging on we were greeted with the news that there were only 12 members online, however this was early morning Indian time….as the day goes on the online numbers will increase modestly but it is definitely on the small side.

Indian Cupid Girls

Let’s do some searches – women aged 18-21 with photos= 91 results, about four fifths actually Indian, the others Caucasian, none online now, about 30 of them having logged in within the last month.

Women aged 18-49 in Australia – three results, two Indians. Same search criteria for the UK – 17 results, two non-Indians. For India itself, only 149 results with photos.

Membership Levels

Indian (visit), offers the standard range of membership options for a CupidMedia site, they being:

Free Member

  • searching, “show interest”, add a few photos, message reading but not sending

Gold Member

  • + advanced searching, sending of messages, live chatting

Platinum Member

  • + watching video profiles/cams, send/read video mail

But a caveat, as of writing there are no video profiles to be viewed, likely this will change as the site grows.

Asian Dating Review
2009-08-20 03:09:35
A review of, 3 stars.

Smaller may even sometimes be better, why not take a chance on Indian Cupid.

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